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Coventry Baptist Church is:

Faithful Focused!

We live in a world that demands a lot from each of us. With the hustle and bustle of life it is very hard to keep focused on the best thing. At Coventry Baptist, we faithfully focus our attention on the best thing and not just the good things. Our attention must be focused on the primary purpose of the Church as defined in Scriptural perimeters.  We are not focused on the marketability of religion but in the reality of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches us that the focus of the Church must be on individuals finding fulfillment in life through Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to present Jesus to those who don't know Him, to give them an opportunity to receive Him and to encourage all those who already know and love Him. Honestly, to do anything less is spiritual neglect.

Family Centered!

Today, families are being shattered. In our quick-paced society, human life and family values have lost dignity and worth. How can the church remain silent and close their eyes to this tragedy around? We must be a church that is family centered.  At Coventry Baptist, being family centered means more than just having programs for all ages. It really refers to helping families discover what the real priorities of life are. Just filling in time gaps for people isn't going to help in our homes today.  We have classes, sermons, and special conferences that regularly address the problems facing the home.

 Each class or conference is designed to take the Word of God and show practical application for everyday living for families as well as individuals.

Full Service!

Many churches today are closing their doors on most of their worship services. The sad thing is that in reality they are closing their doors to many individuals who are spiritually hungry. It is not uncommon to find many congregations only having one worship service each week. This is not so at Coventry Baptist. At Coventry Baptist, we prefer to have a "full service" schedule for ministry. That means we still have a Sunday morning worship service, a Sunday evening service, and a Wednesday night Bible study and prayer time. We still have a Sunday School department where people gather to pray, make friends, and learn from the Bible. All these meetings are scheduled and designed to meet the needs of individuals trying to find Christ and His will for their lives.  We find that a full service ministry touches all areas of life. Jesus said, “ does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Therefore, we give opportunity for men, women, and children to hear, study, and apply the Word of God. You cannot grow spiritually with just one preaching service. Come to Coventry Baptist and enjoy the feast of God’s banquet table. We promise you won't go away hungry.