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Bible Prophesy Conferences

[1]  Dead Men Do Tell Tales

[2]  An Evil Scheme

[3]  Shock and Awe Divine Style

[4]  O, What A Day That Will Be !

@ Oak Grove Baptist - Tifton, GA

[1]  Is American Under God's Judgment ?

 [2010] The Tribulation Generation

[2]  The All Wet Generation

[3]  The Skeptical Generation

[4]  The Faithless Generation

[1]  The Nimrod Code

 [2012] The Nimrod Code

[2]  The Kingdoms of this World

[3]  The Kingdoms of Darkness

[4]  The Clash of Two Kingdoms

  The Eve of Destruction

Special  Sermon  Series

[1]  The Battle is the Lord's

The Battle of the Ages   :   Psalm 91

[2]  The Protection of the Lord

[3]  The Victory of the Believer

[4]  Victory in the Battle

[1]  Truth in Love

The Epistle of Second John

[2]  Loving Jesus

[3]  His Love Warns Us

[4]  Completed Joy

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Guest  Sermons

2015.09.13 (PM) How American Today Parallels The Book of Lamentations

Dr. Stanford Kruse

[1]  The Account of Two Men

The Reality of Hell ! - What the Bible has to say about Hell !

[2]  The Accounting of Two Men

[3]  The Admonition About Hell

[4]  The Annexation of Hell


Signs of The End

[2]  Signs of The End - Pt 1

[3]  Signs of The End - Pt 2

[4]  Warning and Warning

[1]  The Enemy: A Wily Satan

Run To The Battle

[2]  The Enemy: A Worldly System

[3]  The Enemy: The Wicked Self

[4] Run To The Battle !

[1]  The Law of Conscience

The Ten Commandments In Today’s World

[2]  The Law of Commandments - Pt 1

[3]  The Law of Commandments - Pt 2

[4]  The Law of Commandments - Pt 3

[1]  The New Covenant

You Must Be Born Again

[2]  A Divine Appointment

[3]  How to Be Born Again

[4]  Am I Truly Saved ?

[1]  A Call to Worship

Psalms of Thanksgiving

[2]  A Call to Praise

[3]  Thankfulness for God’s Mercy

[4]  The Praise of Thanksgiving

[1]  Tragedy in the Garden

Sin Lies at The Door

[2] Judgment in the Garden

[3]  Sin Lies at the Door

[4]  The Terror of Sin

A Study In Genesis

[1] The Corruption of Mankind

Judgment: The Global Flood of Genesis

[2]  The Provision of God

[1]  The Waters Recede

[2]  A New Beginning

[3]  God's Final Call

[4]  The Waters Prevail

[3]  A New World

[4]  Sin and its Consequences

Part I

Part II

[2/14/2106]  Honoring Biblical Marriage